The Mandovi and Zuari are two important estuaries in Goa, which are considered as lifeline of Goa’s economy. The main channels of these estuaries span about 50 km long with a narrow channel, the Cumbarjua canal, interconnecting them. A number of rivers / rivulets join these two estuaries. Throughout the course of these rivers an intricate system of wetlands, tidal marshes and cultivated paddy fields are found which are interconnected by canals, inland lakes, bays, lagoons and creeks governed by regular tides. A luxuriant growth of mangroves is found bordering the estuaries thereby playing a major role in protecting the coast from heavy wave action and winds.

The Mandovi and Zuari estuarine network along with the Cumbarjua canal is used extensively for transport of goods (mainly iron ore), for fishing, and for dumping domestic and industrial waste. The increase in population and industrial activities in Goa, during the last few decades, has increased the dependence of the state on the said network.

View of Mandovi Estuary

Mandovi Estuary

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