The open sea front of Goa is characterized by combination of Beaches, Rocky Shores and Headlands, which protrude into the sea. Of the 105 Km long coast, more than 7 km comprise sandy beaches including those within estuaries, all baked by several rows of 1 to 10 m high sand dunes which extend almost half a km or more before merging with the hinterland coastal plain.

In general, the coastal plains of Goa comprises of an intricate system of wetlands, tidal marshy, cultivated paddy fields, all intersected by canals inland dykes, bays, lagoons and creeks. Seven major dynamic estuarine rivers traverse the coastal zone of Goa. All the rivers and the extensive backwaters in the hinterland are governed by regular tides. The prominent lowlands found adjacent to most of the rivers are locally known as "Khazan lands".

The coastal zone of Goa has been exclusively used for agriculture, farming shell fishing, traditional fishing and low-key recreation. Goa is very rich in Mangroves diversity. Mandovi and Zuari are two estuaries in Goa.

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